Any fellow Anna fans in the house? I know I'm raising my hand right now. Anna, Anna, Anna... the babe-est of the babes. I literally can't get enough of her content from her blog, let alone her youtube channel. My that girl can edit *raises hand for a cheeky high five moment*. When it comes to her recommendations she pretty much kicks ass all round. There have obviously been quite a few VDM influenced shopping extravaganzas but, who is complaining? Not me (*cough* my bank account *cough*). 

First up, tanning. The beloved and cult VDM product - Zen-Tan's Dark Lotion Absoloute Luxe Fake Tan. This stuff literally goes on like a dream, smells like all things holiday and tropical, yes. So, not only can we wave goodbye to the classic biscuit smell but we can also wave goodbye to reapplying tan for a week. Yeah, ladies, you heard me... a whole week. With plenty of scrubbing, prepping and moisturising this will last a good week on me. Yeah maybe towards the end of the week it is starting to look a bit patchy but all in all this is just great. Olive undertones, no oompa loompa going on - can't complain. Cheers Anna! 

So sticking on the topic of skin, what better than to throw in the kick ass Garner Miracle Skin Cream. Ignore the anti-ageing on this, it really doesn't make much of a difference to me. Just keep me looking 17 for years to come... *gets ID ready* (jokes). But this is great for just sinking in a little moisture to the skin, some what evening out the skin tone and blocking out the redness. In terms of long term benefits, I'm at the very end of this tube and my skin isn't looking like a complete cherry. It's a great base, or for those of you with freaking awesome skin you could just use this on it's own as a super sheer, natural base. 

Talking of prepping, that Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Hair Primer kicks ass don't it? It not only detangles, but it protects my hair from dead ends and keeps it all tamed and heat protected - oh yeah. Pair this with The Wet Brush (another Anna / Lily influenced purchase) and we're off to a pair of kick ass kiddos. 

Makeup wise - the Mac Patisserie Lip Stick is pretty darn awesome. A typical your lips but better kinda colour. Pair it with Amelia Liana's cult Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Pillowtalk and you're off to a very natural, gorgeous and Kendall Jenner-esque lip look and let's be honest - who wouldn't wanna rock that? Her other recommendation is Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes Eyeliner in Bronze. I'm a complete eyeliner noob like Anna herself, but when it comes to the whole eyeliner thing she has well and truly got me into it. Especially the bronze-y eye look. Pair this with Mac's Woodwinked Eyeshadow which is my all time fave and you're off to an uber defined, glittery and bronzed up eye to have you kitted up for whatever the day brings you. Bingo

Are you a Vivianna Does Makeup fan too?