If you're a prepared and admittedly a late riser, then I can only imagine you'll be having the whole fake eyelash extensions, HD brows and fake tan thang going on - which hats off to you. It's a goodie. But when it comes to getting up late, I'm all about bases. There's nothing worse than walking out the front door in a rush and not quite knowing whether you're rocking the 'I Woke Up Like Dis' base, or you're quite literally looking like a typical Bridget Jones that's been dragged through a bush backwards. Therefore, having a kit of bases that take hardly any time will just secure that you're hopefully looking like the first option rather than the later one. 

Of course - foundation is good for general, 'I didn't hit the snooze button' kinda days. But for those days where you're not quite feeling a five minute session of blending, blending and oh wait... more blending then a CC cream will have you covered, quite literally. My CC Cream pick is Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream which has a mixture of different pigments to cover everything from fatigue, redness and dark spots / circles. This is just a neutral colour that will just blend to even out your skin tone, and often for those ultra brave and full coverage days, this may be a kick ass base. Photoready finish? Yeah, why not?

For those of you that don't feel as though you want a base just as 'high' coverage as a CC Cream, then a tinted moisturiser is definitely the best option. I've recently been using the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream, that let me just add is all kinds of incredible. I freaking love this stuff. When it comes to long term benefits, this is your guy. It is a white cream that blends into your natural skin tone and combats redness like a kick ass P Diddy. The redness on my cheeks and around my nose has definitely been having to fight it's way in recently, with this and my First Aid Beauty Anti Redness Serum giving it a running for it's money. Big time. 

Now - fear not high coverage ladies... I've got you in mind. I'm not one to be brave enough to wander out the house with a light base so much so my spots and imperfections are glaring out. I'm just waiting patiently for that day when I just kick back, relax and say do you know what, I don't really give a damn. But right now, I'm all about full coverage and when it comes to a budget friendly, versatile and all round awesome product for that it's of course going to be Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer. The day that they stop selling this stuff will be a sad day, but I'm definitely getting my money's worth with this. Rock this on it's own with possibly a little bit of setting powder too, you're off to a gooden. And considering you got a good night sleep, and a good lay-in (lucky you), I'm assuming you won't have a party of under eye circles to cover but if that's the case then grab this and Bob is your uncle. Of course, layer this on top of the Miracle Skin Cream and / or the CC Cream to add a little more 'hey I'm so totally Mila Kunis at 6am'. We can try ladies, we can try.

What is your base of choice?