Recently the whole 'Blogger and Youtube-r' thing has just gone absolutely crazy. Whether that be the subscription levels going through the roof, or youtubers creating their own products and doing it as a full time job or the amount of hate that people are dishing out whether that be trolls, your everyday bob from down the road or leading journalists. It seems as though the reason for 'blogging' and 'youtubing' has lost it's 'edge', I guess you could say. The enjoyment levels just aren't the same. So here's a question, if you're a blogger - why do you do it? 

Coverage: A lot of people are doing it for the subscribers, the popularity, the attention and don't get me wrong I would love for people to read my blog, for my word to get out and for people to try and enjoy products, places and people that I do. But not for the money and financial gain. I work full time for my parents' company as a Sales & Marketing Manager, and I run my own Web and Graphic Design Company therefore my income solely relies on those, not blogging. I feel as though by marketing your blog, though, it seems to be a little 'try hard' and attract 'haters'. There's nothing wrong with promoting something you're proud of. After all, you don't know who may come across it. Even if it is a younger girl looking for a mascara to buy from the drugstore and making her day by making her feel like P Diddy with eyelashes to give Kimmy K a running for her money, or a magazine company head hunting you to be part of their team. Either way, don't be ashamed of sharing what you're good at, what you love and what you feel passionate about. 

Content: Oh content, content, content. Something that everyone is always creating with the intention of it improving. The pressure of creating 'creative content', and content that makes people go 'wow' is hard. There's certain things we can do that will get an A*, or an A in someone's head, but in other peoples that may not be interesting. Knowing a makeup look that will suit 'green eyes' may not be interesting to those with brown eyes, but hey - there's people out there that love it. People out there think it's awesome and it will make peoples day. Just create content that you feel will fit in with you, as a brand and an individual, that you feel passionate about and if someone doesn't wanna read it then what the heck? It doesn't matter. There are loads of other posts, videos and uploads that they will be interested in so let them read them. 

'Copying' and Inspiration: Now-a-days, it seems as though people are mixing up the terms copying and inspiration. Get inspired, be inspired and make things to inspire other people. Spend endless hours scrolling through Pintrest, Tumblr and Bloglovin'. Feel okay by sharing someone's idea of a post, but just put your own twist on it. Put a little tablespoon of you into it, add some flour, add a couple of eggs and just share it with everyone. Be proud of it. Hey, if you think your content isn't as good as someone elses, what the heck. Someone else might think so - and if you're really that bothered then improve it. Feel like miss marple and carry around a notepad in your bag and get it out in the middle of an aisle in Boots. Email someone and ask to collab with them. Create a twitter account to ask questions, set up a forum and promote your page. Have a scroll through the #bbloggers hashtag and share the love. It's not illegal to like someone else's work. There's only so many posts out there that a beauty blogger can write, so create something new, unique and something 'inspiring' that lots of people will 'copy', and be proud that they want to be inspired by you. It's cool to be inspirational, just shows that you really do kick ass

The Long Term Plan: Everyone starts a Blog or a Channel or whatever for a different reason. Like above it may be for the Coverage or it may be to pursue it as a Career or just as a Hobby. The list of reasons is endless, but it seems as though those whom set up a channel as a hobby and genuinely enjoy it whether people see it or not (1 or a Million) create the best content. They have a real love for what they do. It's like trying to sell something that you don't really like yourself, or doing something for the sake of it and being told to. Like if you are naughty at school and someone says to you "say sorry" and you go "sorry" but it's just not real. With the popularity of the public comes the pressure from the public to upload something kick ass every friday for example. For me, I just love doing what I do. I love having somewhere to come at the end of the day and just chat about what I've been loving. I love just being able to have an online portfolio to show to friends, family, clients, peers, potential customers or absolute strangers and go "I'm f*cking awesome at Photography, Writing etc" and just be proud. Working hard comes it's downs but the ups are from you, and what you take from it. I'm just using this as a place to go to at the end of the day, have as an online porfolio and maybe one day it will go somewhere and someone awesome will see it but hey, if it doesn't then so what? A minute hasn't been wasted because I enjoy every second I spend on this little space, regardless of whatever happens. 

So if you're reading this and are considering making a blog, do it. Thinking of creating a youtube channel, do it. If you want to share your social media, do it. If you want to share it on your social media, do it. If you want to add it to your CV and share it with your potential employer, do it. Just treat your corner(s) of the internet like you want. It's all about you, and your content. People will want to be part of something exciting, not something pressured, awkward or try hard. Just create content that you like, that you would want to read and jus the happy with what you're doing. Your mood will reflect on theirs, so just make it a place for people to want to be. Not to want to leave, we're an online community and we're in this together. Enjoy it!

Share your Blog, Youtube Channel and Social Media below. Become recognised, explore other people's and spread the love. Let's make this somewhere that everyone wants to be, not somewhere that causes upset and happiness.