Fashion, Makeup and Music are just a few of many ways that we can express ourselves as individuals. Finding your own sense of style, 'look' and whole persona in the clothes / makeup department is always stressful. It's so easy to just follow the trends of what everyone else is wearing and what is 'fashionable then'. It really is something that comes 'naturally' but there are a few tips that I've found along the whole journey of growing up which has really committed to me finding my own sense of style... 

Changing Rooms Are Your Best Friend: Now I don't know about you, but I'll never understand how someone can go into a shop and not try something on. Pretty much all of my male mates just wander into a shop, pick something up in a size medium for example, go to pay and walk out with a top that they have no idea they'll like or not. It's like (to me) buying something online and putting it straight in your hanger and binning the delivery note. You'll never know whether something suits you or not until you try. It doesn't matter how many bad outfits you come across, and how confidence knocking getting the wrong piece of clothing on that makes you look like something out of Hairspray, after all you'll most probably come out of that changing room with a better idea of what suits you, what doesn't suit you and a kick ass piece of clothing that will rake in the compliments and feel a million dollars. 

Ask Boys and Family: I'm sure we've all been there when we're having a shopping spree with a close friend and they've loved something you've tried on and you've absolutely hated it. Yep, we've all been there. But not once have I ever been on a shopping trip with a guy or a family member where they haven't been honest. For any guys reading, ask a girl instead. The opposite sex will always be completely honest... It's weird I know but think about it and you might be the same. Getting an outsiders opinion can look great. All us introverts and us kick ass crew surviving off pretty much zero self confidence will always view ourselves to not look all that great in whatever mirror we're looking in, so see how other people see you for a change. It'll help, especially when you're getting all those compliments. 

Forget Trends / Fashion: Once you've found a style that suits you, or a cut of top that suits you, or a type of trouser that suits you then stick to it. It doesn't matter whether it's out of 'fashion' or not, you will look and feel a million and one times better if you wear something that isn't so called 'in fashion' but you look great in, rather than something that everyone is wearing because it's 'on trend' but look horrendous. Not all of us suit every fashion since not all of us are the same, and we don't have the same shape, budget or confidence. After all, if you're dressing different to everyone else then there's less competition and less comparing... right? 

Trial and Error: As scary as it sounds, Trial and Error is pretty much your buddy. It sucks that we have to go through the error stages, but the trialing part is pretty darn fun too. We will never know until we try it. Whether that be Trial and Error of seeing how long a Primark pair of jeans wear you, or trialling a brand new style of dress and heels too high for you on a night out and looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards by the end of the evening - you'll never know. I'm sure we've all had embarrassing baby photos where we've gone to our parents "why did you dress me in that?", they were Trial-ling and Error-ing too I bet. It's only human! 

There are my tips and tricks from experience about finding my own style. Be sure to share your experiences below, and what you've found to help other people too! Lots of love. X