This ones to all your fellow beauty bloggers out there that go through the struggles of doing endless 'birds eye, perfectly arranged shots' then end up having a mascara roll around the place. Or you kick ass bloggers that do endless lipstick swatches for your latest 'bright lip edit'. Or those ever so snazzy swatches that linger on the back of your hand when you've popped to the shop to get your iced coffee. We've all been there, we've all got the dodgy looks and we've all got the cringe worthy moments tattooed in our head. Over the months I've been running this little corner of the internet, I've also been watching lots of tips and tricks videos from the best and all in all I've picked up a few tricks that you ladies will all find pretty darn useful... *crosses fingers*

Swatches, Swatches Swatches: Those moments where you've just got endless swatches of foundation, bronzers, lip colours, eye liners, and dollops of moisturiser here and there will forever be the bain of my life. Popping into a party with a million red lip colours on the back of your hand just throws the "I'm so effortless"-ode out the window. (thank goodness there's not a give away like that for clothes trying on sessions... yawn). But hey, guess who are your best friends in this occasion? Baby Wipes. Any kind, even the co-op ones rock too. Just something with a little bit of moisture, cheap and not too awkward to dispose of. Sorted. (Also great at wiping off those foundation finger marks on your chairs / dressing table / door handles... yep you know exactly what I mean). 

Makeup Mistakes and Mishaps: We've all bodged our mascara up by either being a little like Edward Scissorhands, having butter fingers or having the dreaded sneeze seconds after you've just applied your mascara. But honestly, Cotton Buds work wonders. Doctors don't recommend you use them to clean your ears out, so do you know what the Beauty Blogger says to that? Don't worry. Even red lips, or to squeeze those Zits that are multiplied by gazillions when you whip out your Studio Lights and DSLR. Germs free, no dirty fingers and hey they're great at getting rid of crusty eyes too. Ew, you're thinking - but hey. Everyone's had a crusty eye once in their life. It's no secret. 

Waving Goodbye to Subborn Stains: If you've not attempted the classic "I'm just gonna chuck everything on my bed like this when really I've laid it out all perfectly" on your white bedding, then you've not lived the true blogger lyf (cringe... grr). Those dreaded stains of mascara, lipstick or whatever on your clothes / bedding / cushions can all be vanished by a very Very VERY close squirt of Hairspray and a good ole scrubbing sesh. Works wonders, just don't do it next to your fireplace over the winter-time if you're a Bridget Jones like myself. 

Getting Rid Of Dirt: Secretly, our makeup products are dirty, powder full and foundation-frenzied but for pictures we of course can't be having that. So a good ole Hair Grip works wonders. Twist it out, and scrape away. It'll leave your mascara looking brand new. & hey, those Baby Wipes are awesome at that too. Partner them up and cause a double trouble, they both kick ass. 

Stick 'Em Down: Yeah you know those 'Birds Eye Perfectly Arranged Shots' I mentioned? They're not as hard as they look. Bag yourself some Blue Tac (or White Tac if you're feeling seriously P Diddy-esque), pin them down and you'll be off to a winner. Even laying down some White Paper as a background helps too. The Blue Tac sticks well, the paper will be all clean and sleek with no polish required. You never know, it may look like something from your latest issue of Allure, maybe.

What are your tools that you come suited and booted with?