With spots, everyone has them or has had them. Whether you're a 13 year old girl or a 40 year old guy, it makes no difference. It's not so much the way they look - but more so the way they seem, make you feel and knock your confidence. I find that I just feel so much worse about myself, my makeup doesn't go on as well and all in all it just sucks... lets be honest. But, in a serious urge to fight off those bad boys I went to good ole trusty Origins and picked up Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Treatment Gel.

This stuff may be small, but let me warn you it really does mean business. I've lost this many times in my bag, much like Zoe (AKA. Zoella - whom recommended this in a favourites video a couple of months ago - bingo) but I've completely panicked. I don't use this on all my spots, as it would quite literally draw all your spots to a surface but I use this if I'm in a panic and have a really bad, big one which is popping out about a mile outside of my face, we've all been there.

I'd highly recommend if you use this, to use quite an intense moisturiser. I know that moisture and everything feeds your spots, but using something maybe more water based and something that has Sacylic Acid in it will help fight the spots, hydrate the skin and just make everything much more manageable. I've been using the kick ass Clinique Intense Hydration Gel Creme which quite literally is the answer to any thirsty skin, my skin just soaks and drinks it up like no tomorrow.

So - if you're willing to try something that will give you a short term solution then this will be it. But be sparing with what you use, a little goes a long way and don't by any means get it in your eyes because I can only imagine it will be an A&E job if so... and who wants that? Not me.

Have you tried any Super Strong Spot Treatments or any other products from Origin's Range?