Well, I dunno about you but I'm a complete sucker for a good Youtube Catch Up binge, and well Blogging... That's another story. When it comes to getting some quick tips, tricks and having a giggle at the same time Amelia has it covered. She's the babe-est of the babes, and will have you craving chicken, chocolate and half the aisles of every beauty store in the city. I've been #feelingspendy and splurging on some good ole loves from Amelia, so let's see whether I agree... 

First up - hair. Well, when it comes to washing my hair I'm no slacker. I whack in every hair masque, sulfate free shampoo and oils that I have at hand. But just some days, I'm not feeling quite like going the full whack so Dry Shampoo is by far the best solution. Amelia's recent love is Urban Fudge Crisp Pear and Sweet Vanilla which (as you can imagine) smells freaking amazing (good enough to eat pretty much... but shh), doesn't leave any white residue and combats ogil like a true P Diddy. 

Next up - eyes. When it comes to prepping the lids, Benefit have it down. Benefit Stay Don't Stray in Light/Medium kicks ass at all things you want your lids to do. They lock in all the product, whilst supplying an even base (hiding those horrible red, vein-y eyelids) and really does add that extra bit of lasting power. Yes. Adding this under your eyes to prep for concealer is also a winner too - just sayin'. Of course the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Mono Eyeshadows were going to come into the edit, let's get real. These give the nicest wet look to the lids, and last for ages, and just look like something I've never quite seen before. Stunning. 

Charlotte Tilbury was of course going to make the edit too with her drop dead gorgeous range of products. Sticking to eyes, I picked up Charlotte Tilbury's Colour Chameleon for Hazel Eyes which I use as an eyeliner to do a really messy flick then blend it out to add a little more 'va-va-voom'. The Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner in Pillow Talk rocks. It's a 'your lips but better' kinda colour which will be leaving your lips looking bigger, better and bolder but not too over the top. It's not drying, so soft and so easy to use. Sticks in place and apply a great base for many of your 'nude' lipsticks which I know for sure there's plenty of you Beauty addicts out there have; join the party. 

Maybelline New York Superstay Nail Polishes are one of a kind too. They last about a week top and base coat free, one coat and you're sorted but two and you're off to a winner. They also give a gorgeous gloss and shine without looking too fake or overdone. It's just gorgeous. Pair that with my Topshop Bralet and you're off to a winner (yet again, a very Amelia Liana influenced purchase. Looks great with a baggy low top, tiered necklace and high waisted skinny jeans / skirt - effortless). 

Have you tried any of these products?