I am extremely excited to announce to you all that I have launched my own Graphic & Web Design Company, called Exquisite. Based in my Studio in the heart of Cambridge, UK I will be whipping up everything from Branding to Websites to Adverts with a side order of Photography, Film and Digital Marketing.

Ever since a young age, I've always been a complete IT Geek. Staying up late to be one of the first to download the latest software, or tip tapping away at the keyboard searching for new things to feed my techy love. Marry that with an entrepreneurial spirit, Business Experience and an urge to get into the working / design / IT world, Exquisite Design is a dream.

Exquisite (emphasis on the 'site', website, exquisite... see what I did there) aims to produce Modern, Sleek and Appealing Designs that are crisp, bright, and unique to the client. Whether you're a large company aiming to revamp your branding / website, an awesome blogger looking for a logo or a small start up business, creative or kick ass worker who just wants a neat website, print design or a few snaps for your latest project, we'd be over the moon to hear from you and kick start your project.

Be sure to take a look at my website: http://weareexquisite.com and let me know what you think.

Spread the word with your friends, family, colleagues, room mates, local coffee provider and anyone who has eyes and ears. I'm really excited about seeing where Exquisite Design takes me and I hope to bring you guys along on my journey.

- Brook Dellar, Founder and Creative behind Exquisite Design