Cornwall, such a beautiful place. Full stop. There's so much to do, so much to experience and so much to see. A couple of weeks ago I headed down there for the first time in a good few years, not only to have a little holiday but to also visit some loved ones. If I could, I'd happily go back and experience it all again. A holiday home over there? Urrr... yes please. So for those of you who haven't been to Cornwall, never heard of it or are a regular and fancy experiencing something new, here's a couple of my favourite places that you shouldn't miss off your Bucket List! Notepads at the ready... 

The Accommodation - Perfect Stays: First off, you need kick ass accommodation and when it comes to doing it in style, Perfect Stays is your pal. They have a range of properties around Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Yorkshire and Europe. With reasonable prices for a quite literal 'perfect stay', there's not much more you can ask for really. We stayed in Pentyak in Harlyn Bay not far from Padstow. Fairly new to the scene but definitely not a miss. The staff are all lovely too, plus you get scones, jam and clotted cream on arrival... oh yes. 

The Food - Rick Stein: Everywhere you walk in Padstow, you'll see Rick Stein's name pop up. Whether that be his Seafood Resturant, a happy spender carrying a bag full of goodness from his Patisserie or his Seafood School... that's just to name a few. We've been to Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant a few times and it is one of my all time favourite restaurants and my father's number one. We simply couldn't trek down to Conrwall without popping in. Not much change from £350, and a full belly of lunch later we would highly recommend it to anyone. They just get everything so right, not too stuffy not too chilled. Great service, great choice and great atmosphere. Lush. And of course, his Patisserie, well their Apricot Pastries and his fishy take on your average Cornish Pastie is a winner... (*drool*) He also owns a pub called The Cornish Arms which nails everything you'd want in a pub. Great food, great drinks, great atmosphere. Rick Stein, you genius! Take a visit to his other hot spots whilst you're there too, especially his Fish & Chip Shop as that's awesome too. (and possibly pick up a couple of candles too, they're awesome - even better than my Yankee Candles... shock horror!) 

The Wine - binTwo: Fancy a cheeky beverage sitting right in Padstow. Situated on a cobble-y road, next to the Art Galleries and opposite a couple of awesome clothes shops there's not really anything you can go wrong with really. Slightly lethal I'll admit. But it's a place where you can most definitely have a little zen moment, enjoy a glass of wine (they have a huge range and the lady is really helpful too!) and just relax. Bliss. Ideal date situation, guys take note. 

The Walks - Beaches: Cornwall is full of lots of gorgeous beaches and walks. About 10/15 minutes drive down the road, and you'll be right by the coast, so peaceful and full of kick ass surfers that you can join in with or like me, just watch, admire and learn. Oh how the other half live! Harlyn Bay is awesome, just do your research and rest assured that they're all absolutely stunning (and dog friendly - bonus). 

The Shopping - Padstow: Padstow pretty much have it covered when it comes to shopping. Just across the water (get the water taxi, don't drive - it's so much easier!) is The Rock which has the ultimate Jack Wills store. Around Padstow they've got loads of great little shops with some great finds too. Plenty of fudge, ice cream and fish and chips to be brought, so tummies at the ready - enjoy. 

So there are my picks, definitely a perfect holiday and I'm really wishing I was still there right now. Why would I go abroad when I have Cornwall on my doorstep? Dreamy. If you're an international reader, it's worth a look at too. Definitely check out Perfect Stays as they'll help you with all the technicalities too. If you've ever been to Cornwall or recommend any other places I should visit then drop us a comment below to let us know. Otherwise, I'll catch you tomorrow with beauty edit. X