A makeup look can seem great, but without the perfect lip to pull the whole look together it can all look a little bit miss match-ed. Now, I'll openly admit to not being able to rock a dark, bold or matte lip. I like more sheer, slightly colourful and often nude lips to kind of bring it all together. Nothing major, just quite subtle... easy to maintain during the day and all that shebang. 

First off, of course I'm going to mention the cult Maybelline Baby Lips in the Purple Packaging. This smells slightly vanilla-ish, very sheer, very nude and very nourishing. What more could you want, right? It's great to chuck in your bag, whack on whilst on the go without needing to remember the mirror or making a scene. Just a step up from your bog standard blistex. I believe they have just brought out more colours of these too, more vivid, more bold and just a little more 'interesting'... I guess. Kick ass? Maybe. 

Next up is the sister of my all time favourite Lip Product, the Benefit Posietint which I love. Both for cheeks and lips, but this balm is for those more 'fancy' and more 'girly' moments where you want to wear a lipgloss, but with more colour, more lipbalm-y and less faff. The packaging is sleek, and rumour has it in the blog world that the Babylips is much better.. but personally I'm a sucker for the Benefit Balms. So chic, so nice and so easy. Winner. 

Last but not least is my more bold, versatile and 'va-va-voom' option, the Benefit Colourcrush Lipsticks. I love love love this. It can look bold, glossy and all round sophisticated if you whack endless layers on. Or with a nice wash of colour, you can achieve a really light, easy and effortless slightly-glossy lip which will carry you through day to night. But pat it into the lips to create a more matte stain. Say hello to a versatile product that you'll be carrying about with you, hashtag jet setter.

You're covered. Let me know your picks below too.