So if you're a bit of a fake tan noob like myself, you would have braved the milk bottle look for too long. Running a business, being a manager for my parents company and having endless commitments compared to the average 17 year old, it goes without saying that a holiday isn't really on the cards much for me. So little ole me pretty much needs to rely on faking that tan so I don't look like a complete noob with my friends, and family (yep my mum fake tans near enough everyday and is an absolute don at it, and my dad well - he's a big sun bed lover...) 

First thing to go for when you're a fake tan newbie is a tinted tan, whether that be a 'long lasting (aka. longer than a wash off' or just a one day wash off fix. The lotion, non tinted tans are the worst because you have no idea how even it will turn out and they seem to cling to the dry elbows more often than not. I'm a huge lover of the Rimmel Sunshimmer BB Tan in Light Matte as a wash off option. It'll cover up everything from bruises to cuts to redness whilst giving you a non-orange tan at the same time. Perfect quick fixes for those inprompt-o nights out which of course we all totally do... 

Now the Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan is another recommendation from the gorgeous Tanya Burr. If you've not heard of her, quite frankly, where have you been all this time? Everytime I see her, she's either rocking the pale skin or lookin' stunnin' with a bronze glow (read: non orange). So, of course I gave this one a go (especially after hearing that they sell Fake Tan Spray Tans to leading salons... you know they must know what they're talking about eh?), and let me just tell you... this is awesome. Even for a fake tan noob like myself. 

This does everything it says on the tin. It's streak free, natural colour (not sure about the anti-cellulite properties, but for you cellulite ladies out there there's no harm really is there?). This goes on like a dream, not streaky at all and just gives an even wash. It doesn't have the best lasting power, it only lasts about 3 days but the 2nd day is always the best. For you shower lovers, it may last a little longer. But me loving a good scrub, lather and soak in the bath probably only calls for less fake tan days. I also use this on my face and it works perfectly too! No stingy eyes and all that. 

So ladies. I know it's coming up to A/W but you can't really beat having a bit of colour, especially when you're rocking those darker eye looks, it often looks great on pale skin but can really drown your face sometimes too. So give this a go, even if it's to pop to the shops or go out on a date. You'll look stunning anyway, because after all this tan rocks

What is your Holy Grail Fake Tan?