MAC, yep MAC. The famous, cult brand of all things kick ass makeup. There's not a bad review I've ever heard from MAC products. You can't really beat it, let's be honest. The fact that professional makeup artists use it is most definitely saying something... hey? It gives a professional look, feel and effect to the face even if you're no pro like me. 

So today, I've whipped together an edit of the latest additions to my MAC stash which I've been absolutely loving and thought it was worth monitoring. Don't get me wrong, most are cult MAC products, but a couple of maybe not so well known. But of course, all very Youtube / Blogger influenced, could you expect anything less? hmm?

First up, base. When it comes to full coverage bases, MAC are the ones to hit up. Like I say, MAC would be my go to makeup brand if I was going on a photoshoot, or live TV or anything of the sort. The gorgeous Gabby AKA velvetgh0st absolutely loves MAC and her favourite foundation is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid Spf 15 in NW15. Let's just take a moment to pat myself me the back for guessing my correct shade online (thanks online foundation matcher... oops). This stuff goes on like a dream. Initially I was concerned because it's quite paste-y but in all honesty it is very similar to the Revlon Colourstay Foundation for Oily/Combination Skin in Buff. That stuff rocks my world, and will most probably be lingering in my makeup stash and repurchase list until I'm about 90. 

As if the coverage of the MAC foundation wasn't enough, I also purchased the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15. I've gotta admit, my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer definitely gives this a running for it's money as it's not so 'stiff' and hard to work with. Although this is kick ass at covering that big ass spot that we all secretly have tried to hide under endless layers of CC Cream, Concealer, Foundation and the rest. I would definitely recommend this if you're eager to try it as I love the packaging too. Not a dofot applicator which makes it a hella load more hygienic and a clear tube so you know how much you've got left... winner. 

Now sticking to bases, I also tried another Gabby recommendation which is the MAC Paintpot in Painterly. Let's just say when this comes to eyeshadow bases, this rocks my world. It covers up good ole redness, veins and just acts as a great base to neutralise everything and lock in all the pigment of the eyeshadow you're going to be using. Talking of eyeshadows too, you see peeping out from under the products is the MAC Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palette. This beauty was ordered back in July as a birthday present from me to me, and happily turned up through my letterbox at 7am on my birthday, what more could I really want hey? This is great, and perfect for those of you who like lighter, shimmery eyeshadows. I'm still yet to create my own Eyeshadow Palette and possibly get the Warm Toned one (shhh though...) as well, but this will stick me out just fine. Kitted up with my Urban Decay Naked Palettes I'm pretty good to go on the eyeshadow front. But hey hey, a girl cannot ever have a too many eyeshadow palettes... right? 

Last but not least. Lips, lips, lips. My recent purchase is MAC's Cremecup Lipstick which I believe I have got a Satin finish. I love this colour, it's kinda a more pinky nude than anything and comes out slightly lighter than in the bullet. But pair this with Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Liner in Pillowtalk (or the dupe, post coming soon...) you're off to a Kimmy-K-esque look. and who wouldn't want that, let's get real. 

So there's my recent MAC purchases... what have you been spending your dollar on?