You must have put an outfit together and thought, I dunno what to do to make it seem more 'put together or complete', or I want a 'statement piece' to my outfit. Yeah you've probably been there and in all honesty, up until the last few months back I didn't have a clue how to tick that box. When it comes to adding a bit of colour, or putting an outfit together for me it's all about a bulky statement necklace now, and honestly once you get on the band wagon with this one you won't regret it. 

Pop into Zara, Topshop, New Look, River Island etc etc. You name it, your local Shopping Centre probably has it and you name a shop and one of them is bound to have a kick ass set of Statement Jewellery. The little dainty necklaces and rings aren't so much in (well I guess midi rings are an exception). But genuinely, I can really see this trend lasting so investing is key. 

In my time, I've got my fair few amount of Statement Necklaces. Topshop look awesome and great for a one hit wonder, but Zara is great long term for many occasions. Zara is always a complete go for me, no brainer, full stop. Their clothes look, feel and just seem much more expensive, chic and sophisticated than how much they actually cost. When it comes to getting clothes and jewellery that's where to go. Bob next door, my great granny and my partner all absolutely love the necklaces I wear from there, as they're just kick ass really. 

So, whether you're wearing all black and want to add 'a pop of colour' or you just fancy some chunky lump of jewellery to show off, this will be a perfect occasion. Dresses it up, dresses it down, let's be honest a Statement Necklace quite simply ticks all the boxes. Absolutely love it. 

Are you with me on this ladies? Or have you got another way to add a little 'oomph' to your outfits?