If you're a regular to this little corner of the internet, you will have figured that it's heavily feminine with not many manly vibes going on. Therefore I’ve drafted in the fabulous Chris Tynan AKA a charming, intelligent and well spoken business student from Norwich University to talk about his stash that has him smelling, looking and feeling kick ass. Let's get started... 

"If you look online for a Modern Gentleman’s Guide or anything similar, there’s always lots of talk on self-discipline, hygiene and grooming (AKA maintenance). Guys, before I give you my take on what can massively help you on your way to becoming more confident not just around people but also in yourself, I’m going to let you in on something: wash everyday. Baz Luhrman dispenses some classic advice (if you haven’t listened to the classic “Everybody’s Free (to Wear Sunscreen)” then I strongly recommend it) but from my own experience, hygiene is the key thing. Look around you, look at how the guys that you know and also pass in the street, dress and hold themselves. Being a student at University, I’m afraid to say that guys on average have a below average to awful level of hygiene. We of course, spruce ourselves up when it comes to our nights out but actually on a day-to-day basis we forget the basics and miss out on the simple things like brushing our teeth, showering and wearing deodorant. Guys, ladies appreciate nothing more than a guy who looks after himself, be that physically or indeed hygienically. Disclaimer: Doing this does not immediately turn you into a tween heartthrob but will gain you massive amounts of self-respect and in turn self-confidence. 

Having a shower in the morning isn’t just great for your hygiene but also allows you to think about your day, prioritise what you’ve got to do and of course practice your all famous Freddie Mercury routine that you’re so fond of showing your mates after a few too many on a Saturday night. When I’m in the shower I use Tresemm√© Volume and Fullness Shampoo and Conditioner and also Lynx Africa Body Wash. Don’t worry guys; I don’t do the faux pas of using both Shampoo and Conditioner everyday but as a side note, Tresemm√© is one that I’ve used for many years in different varieties. The combination I’m using is from Tresemm√©'s Volume and Fullness Collection mainly because I like many people, suffer from having almost cloud-like thin hair and by using this it makes it feel thicker, fuller and more vibrant. The Lynx Africa Body Wash I know will split readers because some people agree with the Lynx model; others believe the brand is misogynistic and out-of-place in the modern day world. Whatever your belief, I really like it mainly because of the smell. I like the packaging, I like their other products like their deodorant (as I’ll come to talk more about later) and I feel a part of that Lynx family. So that’s pretty much it for the shower, now onto the mirror.

I’ve been growing it out now for a good few months and I feel, because of the plight of having such a pathetic thin mane, I need product in it to ensure the shape and volume of it is kept for as long as possible. This is where VO5’s Extreme Style groomingPomade and VO5's Extreme Style freezeSpraym play very well hand in hand. They allow me to alongside my hairdryer (yes, I am that kind of guy) to have a sculpted and well-structured look (at least for a few hours). Both of these are relatively cheap and actually can really help you in having a really good messy or clean look depending on your preference which doesn’t look or feel waxy or greasy. I use a variety of different vitamin-boosting tablets to help me because I suffer from quite severe acne but the big recommendation here guys, moisturise. Do it everyday. Takes 10 seconds and can make your skin look refreshed throughout the day. Personally, at the moment I’m using Bulldog Moisturiser but be aware this is quite heavy, dense and can occasionally cause spots itself. If you want something nice, clean and easy - Simple Clean and Clear Moisturiser is the way to go. It’s one that focusses on the actual benefit rather than just the moisturising element so don’t worry and again it’s relatively inexpensive. Remember guys, no girls like a flakey guy be that on a date or indeed having such dry skin you’re skin’s flaking onto her lunch. (Brook: #TMI) 

Now onto one of the real key things when it comes to a guy: smells - colognes, deodorants etc. Note: don’t EVER buy cheap deodorant or aftershave. If you do everyone can smell it from a mile off and it tends to be more repulsive than attractive. Also, don’t put too much on. I found this out the hard way unfortunately but that’s another story for another time (I may tell you next time if I get to feature on this wonderful blog again!). If it’s a spraying aftershave then two or three squirts, if it’s an open-top one then take a little amount into your hand - not a pool! So right now I’m using Lynx Africa Dry (told you I’d mention it again) and also chopping-and-changing between Joop! Homme and David Beckham’s Instinct; man’s gotta have different smells for different occasions! The dry deodorant is key for me - unfortunately I suffer from over-sweating at the most awkward of times. Also, it smells good and complements my body wash nicely.

The big thing guys is that by doing these little things, people will see / smell / feel changes about you and in doing you will see changes in yourself. Those small compliments of “You smell nice today” go a long way and reaffirm what works for you. Also ask, if you’re trying something new, what they think of it. Don’t take it personally if they don’t like it but ask a few people and see what they think. You may be surprised by what you hear." 

See... I told you. He's awesome, right? Thank you so much to Chris, you rock.