So I'm guessing by the fact you're reading this that you're a complete perfume junkie like myself... right? In my books there's no harm in wanting to smell nice and being in the market for a new fragrance twenty four seven. Therefore on my recent trip to Debenhams on a hunt for the Urban Decay stand (they didn't have it, boo) I of course had to get my sniff on, and this was quite literally love at first sniff. 

Now I'm not usually a big fragrance adventurer as such. I'm quite loyal to my Amor Amor, Burberry by Burberry and Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess but recently I've really been venturing out. With a bucket list of fragrancies that I'm dying to have on my bedroom cabinet (*cough* did someone say Chanel *cough*) of course a Chloe fragrance was going to make an appearance... lets be honest. 

This is definitely not my usual choice of fragrance, being that it's main note is Rose aka. Floral smell alert. This ain't no " hey I'm a granny and brought this from my recent trip to Aldi" kinda floral, it's more of a fresh, "oh I've just been running around a really cute floral garden and smell amazing" kinda floral. It's lasting power isn't all that great and what I'd expect from a higher budget perfume but considering the cute packaging I'm not complaining about having to take this out and about with me. Who would complain about whipping out a vintage looking bottle of perfume... right? 

If you're interested in getting your hands on a new fragrance, and switching up your signature smell a little bit then possibly head over to the Chloe counter and see what they have on offer. From what my lil nostrils gather on my recent outing to Debenhams perfume section, Chloe have mostly hit up the Floral type smells with a hint of sweet and freshness combined... I guess a crowd pleaser for all us fragrance junkies out there. 

What scents are you currently digging?