The famous Charlotte Tilbury is kick ass when it comes to makeup. From the packaging, to the formulas to the range... it's hard to fault it. But whilst roaming around the aisles of my local Boots store, I came across the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Liner in 132 Sweet which looked like a similar colour to Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Liner in Pillow Talk. But hey, is it worth splashing the dollar or not?

On first impressions, of course Charlotte Tilbury's option is knock out with the packaging. The general quality is so much better, and sharpening it is a dream. It's so smooth and not rigid and rough. You can really tell the difference. However whilst pairing it with my Mac Patisserie Lipstick to follow on from Lauren Curtis' Bigger Eyes and Bigger Lips Video it really gave it the true test.

I found the Maybelline version to be great, natural to my lip colour and easy to be precise and draw over the line without looking too barbie if you see what I mean, right ladies? However it was so much more drying and the lasting power wasn't all that great. If I were to layer my Benefit Posietint on top the lip liner would have just smudged and separated like before (yeah, I've tried it... let's just say never again...)

So when it came to trialing and testing Ms Tilbury's version, it was a dream. The formula is much smoother, creamier but really locks the colour into your lips like nothing else. It's a gorgeous colour, slightly more muted, slightly more Kylie Jenner - who wouldn't want that hey? So out of choice... if you're going to dish out the dollar for a kick ass lip liner, I think that Charlotte wins. But for a budget friendly, slightly more 'needy' option - then the Maybelline isn't a bad call either. Bingo

What would be your lip liner of choice? Either of these?