When it comes to pink polish, we've all been there. Whether it be that hot pink that all of us love and feel 'oh so american' when we're truthfully really not Hilary Duff or that nude pink that looks really cute but really tacky at the same time - you know what I mean? You can call me an utter granny but I'm really all for the 'Urban' and 'Retro' type tones at the moment and what has been hitting that satisfaction recently is Rimmel London's Salon PRO with Lycra Nail Polish in 402 Urban Purple. AKA a kick ass twist on your bog standard pink / purple colour. Love.

I've tried the Oh Mr Darcy Nail Polish from Rimmel London which is the same formula and absolutely loved it. It's basically a cheaper alternative to the cult Nails Inc Porchester Square Nail Polish that everyone, Bob next door and their neighbour knows about. The formula, ultimately isn't all that great on these. Pairing it with a kick ass top / base coat will have you going for a week or so maximum. But for me, I get really bored of nail polish colours quick so that's not an issue.

The actual colour just kicks ass - let's be honest. It's one of those "oh it's not quite purple" "but it's not quite pink" "but what is it?" kinda diggs. But I'm totally digging it and think that we could all rock it. Especially you gals out there that nail the whole festival / boho look it's awesome. And most definitely transitions you into a 'cool' and 'urban' winter in style.

You with me ladies? Will you be picking this up or have you got your own kick ass alternative?