Being a product junkie, I go through my fair share of products. Most of which I absolutely love, and others just don't quite make the cut. And unfortunately these were ones which didn't quite do it for me. Of course, they may still work for you and I'm aware a couple of these are well loved from the big shots in the Beauty Blogging / Youtube world, but for me personally I wouldn't recommend them! 
First off, the latest release and latest dislike is the Urban Dry Shampoo which smells of all things crisp, vanilla and sweet. Don't get me wrong, this smells yummy but it leaves that horrible white residue that us ladies don't dig when it looks like we're going grey once we whack our hair in a ponytail. I thought initially it must be me spraying it too close. But no! Dove and Tresemme definitely do the best dry shampoos. Dove leaves you feeling refreshed, clean and crisp with it's soapy type aromas, but the Tresemme version is awesome at packing in that volume. Take note.

Sticking to haircare, is the VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray. Now being part of the fine, easily knotty and dead ends haircare family means that I have to be quite careful about what products I use in order to maintain some what presentable hair which doesn't make me look like I've got bed hair, been dragged through a bush backwards or gotten a little over excited with a back comb. When I purchased this I imagined it would be perfect for achieving Beachy Waves (almost like a hybrid hair primer / salt spray) but it just made my hair look knotty, and not a cool texturised more like "gal you  need to get some shampoo in that mane". Not a good look. 

Now with having fine hair, I like to indulge in a good hair mask. Prior to borderline drooling over Fleur De Force's lucious locks, and her recommending Charles Worthington's Moisture Seal Hair Masque (anyone know the difference between a hair mask and hair masque? Forever a myth...) I thought I'd give it a whirl. Since it's moisture seal, I thought awesome sounds perfect. But it felt as though it dried out my hair a lot more than using just my bog standard Split End Remedy Tresemme Conditioner. Don't get me wrong though, Mr Worthington has got the packaging sorted. Fellow Hair Mask Packaging Designers, look this way. 

Last off and finally not a haircare hate, is Boots Extract Mango Sugar Scrub. Now I'm extremely picky when it comes to choosing a body scrub. No residue, smells great, assists in no dodgy fake tan clingyness on elbows, knees etc. This one for sure ticks the smelling great criteria since I've gotta be the world biggest Mango lover. All things mango, rubicon, body spray, smoothie... you name it - I LOVE it. But for me this is just a scrub that seems to leave a horrible oily residue, almost sticky. Even with a good ole trusty 'wash puff' in hand, this mango oil ain't shiftin'. If you're someone who prefers a sugar scrub that leaves a residue, then you'll love this. But for me personally, it just wasn't a winner. Sorry Boots! 

Any tried and tested that didn't make the cut into your stash?