Nothing better than a cheeky Chanel post on a Friday, splurge! I'll admittedly completely new to the whole Chanel Makeup thang. With everyone from the likes of Fleur De Force and Vivianna Does Makeup spreading their fair share love for Chanel's Signature 'Vitalumiere Aqua' Foundation, I was pretty pumped to give these a whirl. 

So with a recent trip to Boots with Mumma Dellar with £90 worth of Boots Advantage Card Points in hand, we obviously left with a Chanel Perfume in the bag... Why the heck not? And Chanel being Chanel (AKA. Awesome) gave us some free samples and I'll admit that I'm head over heels in love and now completely understand why ladies spend 249882974358 pounds on these miracle formulas... Preach. 

The Sublimage La Creme is my favourite out of all the samples. I've whacked this on before my makeup, rubbed into the skin and it left my skin feeling replenished, smooth and thirst quenched. Pretty much a perfect base for any makeup look (plus it smells amazing as per all Chanel Products *sniffs*) 

With the base sorted, obviously it only calls for a testing, testing, testing sesh with the Vitalumiere Foundation. This of course smelt amazing, went on great but it isn't my type of foundation... really. Slightly too jouey for my personal liking, but I'm sure if you're a fan of the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation, you'll love this one. Complete upgrade, of course. 

The Line Repair Ultra Correction Cream isn't so much suited to me or any of us younger generation gals, but it smells amazing, feels amazing and probably is all round amazing. Good pressie for Mum, Nan, Aunt... you know the drill. 

So with my love for Chanel declared, and being completely converted let me know your favourites...