If you're a regular to these spaces, you'll know that I'm not really a big lip kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, I look after my lips with an endless stash of lip balms in hand I have no excuse not to. Just when it comes to bold lips, I just feel as though it just doesn't compliment my chubby cheeks and being a religious Smokey Eye wearer on a day to day basis, I feel as though it would be a little TOO much if you see what I mean. 

However, I absolutely love the Benefit Tints. Particularly Posietint. They each reward a long lasting, tint / stain to the lips. The first and original tint was the Benetint (rewards a really deep pink almost blood red finish), which back in the day was my all-time favourite but comparing them to this offering I feel as though this (as great as it is) is my personal least favourite as it bleeds into the lips quite a lot. Not a great look, nuh uhh. 

My most recent edition is the Cha Cha Tint which is a very Orangey / Deep Pink colour which looks great on the cheeks to make a slight change to those bog standard creme blushes. This is most definitely well complimented with a brown eye quite like the Mac Woodwinked. 

Like previously stated, I absolutely love the Posie Tint and I'm pretty much on my last drop of it. Gutted. But this is a gorgeous baby petal light pink which makes you look so healthy and glowing. And this especially compliments Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette in the colour Sin... Stunning. 

But all in all, they come with a little brush which rewards a clean wash of colour along the lips (it sometimes tickles when applying but hey, that's the fun of it... right?) I really enjoy the lasting power of these and all round the colour range is great. 

I'm pretty eager to try the Balm versions of these, as more of a 'high end' version of the baby lips, something to consider... 

Have you tried any of the Benefit Tints or Tinted Balms?