Nothing beats a bit of a Luxury Post to feed us through the workin' friday (or just a cherry on top for a kick ass friday for you lucky Summer Holiday Ballers). My recent (well loved, and well powdered over) Mac Cool Toned Palette. As soon as I heard about the launch of this, I just knew it had to be mine. With a pre-birthday purchase, it arrived on my doorstep on my birthday... bingo, Bingo, BINGO. 

...and Boy do Mac just do it again. Knocking out all the competition with this awesome palette of Cool Toned Eyeshadows, you can't really beat it can you, really... I love it. With soooo many awesome colours that will pretty much last you a life time for just £65.00 it's an absolute bargain. 

Need I say the quality is freaking awesome as per all Mac eyeshadows, it has just geared me on to want to start building my own Mac Palette ASAP, Pronto. With stunning highlight, contour and all over easy peasy wash shades, there's tons of looks you can create. I'm just secretly dying inside and wishing that there was Mac Woodwinked AKA my all time favourite Eyeshadow (Ladies, if you haven't got your hands on that yet.. Do it. I pretty much wear it any day I can't really be bothered to create a full monty smokey eye as when you blend the edges it creates a warm, 'fiery' red toned brown in the crease... stunner) 

But all in all, I'm completely and utterly bitterly in love with this Mac Palette and I honestly don't know what I've done without it. Urban Decay and your Naked Palettes, you better step aside for this beauty to have it's moment in the spotlight. 

If you want this palette, I'd get savin', spendin' and orderin' pronto because I don't think Mac will be selling this for centuries to come! 

What are your thoughts on the Mac Eyeshadows? Any favourites?