It's that time again where we take a look at my recent loves, laughs and awesome discoveries from all different corners of the internet (and the food cupboard for this instalment... oh yeah baby). From all things cheekbones, blogging inspiration and snacking... I've got it covered. 

Jennypurr, 5 Things That Can Distract You From Blogging: You fellow Blogging ladies out there, fear not. Jennypurr has got it covered. Now, there's no excuse to not get those fingers tapping away at your keyboard and bashing out those kick ass blogposts. Thanks Jenny, you babe

She's A Secret Shopper: Ever sit looking for a dupe of what someone wore on your latest instalment of TOWIE or whilst having a look through your magazine. Now, my recent discovery of She's A Secret Shopper will have you scrolling through, loving and lusting over some awesome outfits. 

Beauty Inspiration Through The Years: Now this one will take you back, nostalgia alert. Especially Mary Kate and Ashley, wow I haven't mentioned them in a while. Looking back, I now realise that some of their makeup looks are finally achieveable *bows down to contouring*

Lily Pebbles, Tarte The Sculptor: Doesn't Lily Pebbles just look stunning in this? Gorgeous. Pretty much sold on The Sculptor by Tarte. Full stop. Give it a read!

My Dark Chocolate Discovery: Ever since my birthday in July and one of my best buds giving me this Lindt Caramel with a pinch of Seasalt Dark Chocolate - lush. Thanks so much Maia (from Oh So Maia - check her out, her blog is awesome!) , I love it. Packed with Antioxidants (as per all Dark Chocolate... Fact of the day... Bingo) it makes it some what justifyable to have a nibble now and again. Love love love. 

Rachael McAdams Reacts to First Audition: Bit of a Weekend giggle, just shows if you don't like how you are now - puberty is bound to kick in! *chuckles*

You got any links, laughs or loves to share? Drop them below!