Right, let's get to the point. I'm not the best at applying eyeliner, let alone rocking it when it even goes good. I've had many bad experiences with eyeliner, and I often feel that it makes my face look chubbier if I wear it too (alongside any form of too dark or too light eye makeup #firstworldproblems). But with a good eyeliner in hand, I've truly noticed the difference and I've actually (shock horror) been totally digging a lil addition of eyeliner to spice up my eye looks recently. 

Now to kick things off, in an eyeliner (for me personally) it's gotta have a good 'buttery' formula, that doesn't crease, have a great range of shades and be able to blend if needs be (it's ideal for ammeter eyeliner gals like myself). I'd heard loads of thing about the Urban Decay ones which I'm still yet to try but I thought since I'm not a complete eyeliner convert I'd go for the budget friendly option first as these are rumour has it, a dupe for the Urban Decay ones. 

The fab Fleur De Force is a lover of these too, and god damn I can see why. Just an easy slightly more edgy 'no makeup, makeup' day (aka. mondays...) to whack on the Maybelline Scandal Eyes Nude Eyeliner on the water line is a dream. It's so buttery, and quite literally makes you look like you've had 10x more the amount of sleep than you actually have. Put a thin line of the Maybelline Scandal Eyes Bronze / Brown Eyeliner on the lash line, blend it out with a small, dense brush (such as the Real Techniques Accent Brush) and you'll be off to a winner. You'll look like a kick ass wide awake makeup pro.

For you ladies who can rock a smokey eye, particularly a browny one, then get the Bronze shade, as it adds so much depth. Really brings out the colour of your eyes, especially green eyes... wow. This is great to put in the waterline if you've got the Mac Woodwinked as they are a similar tone and it'll just really emphasise the copper tones to the eyeshadows. Bingo. 

So, after all I guess Eyeliner ain't all that bad. I'm still yet to try what Urban Decay, Mac and Charlotte Tilbury (yes please) have to offer but we'll have to see about that one in due course. 

Do you have any eyeliner loves or application suggestions?