For today's instalment of Wardrobe Wednesday, I thought there's nothing better than sharing a way to be cool for the hot weather but still looking and feeling chic. Now I'm no fashion expert, but I am for sure a regular to all the Fashion Corners of the Internet and Press world which means I'm pretty up to date with what's on trend (...kind of). And what is still (surprisingly) big in the fashion world at the moment is Statement Necklaces. 

Being a big fan of Zara, I'm clearly biased, but Zara kick ass when it comes to jewellery. And when it comes to shirts and basics, Gap is your man. Pair a kick ass Zara Necklace with a Chic Gap Linen Shirt and you'll be pretty geared up for any occasion. Whether it be a cheeky spot of lunch with your ladies, or a trip to town with a group of pals. 

A pair of leather look jeans / leggings / treggings (whatever you fancy covering up with down south) will make it look that little more dressy and 'edgy' let's say. Whack on a pair of loafers and you'll be good to go. For a more casual look, whack on a pair of ripped jeans and sandals / converse, and you'll be playing the whole 'I woke up like dis' look. (Yeah right, I wish!) 

Do you have a cheat chic combo?