For this installment of Wardrobe Wednesday, I've got a little insight to my Jacket Collection and my all time holy grail jackets. Whether it's for Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter - Zara have pretty much got it covered. With bright colours popping out and cheeky classic whites and heritage tweed blazers making an appearance, it's hard to not love at least one from their collection. 

Now if you've known me a long time, you'll know I'm a complete sucker for dressing smart, bright and daring yet attempting to look young and classy. Hard, but achievable mix when you've got Zara. I know Zara may not be for everyone, especially you plus size, budget or casual dressing beauties but for me it has got to be MY favourite shop of all time. 

My love kick started from when I got my Tweed Navy Blazer with Burgundy Detailing for Christmas back in December 2013. I have worn this inside out, washed it, layered it, low v neck'ed it... Perfect. With Burgundy lining around the collar, lifting up the collar just makes you look that tad more chic and adds a little edge to a basic all white outfit. My favourite outfit for this is probably a low v neck white top, white jeans, white loafers and a freaking awesome tiered necklace or big statement necklace. Classy. 

Sticking to a Classy and White look, here's my White Boxy Pocket Jacket with Silver Collar Jewels, love Love LOVE this. This can brighten up any outfit, make it look either more casual or dressed up depending on what outfit you pair it with. With it having a boxy fit it gives a more fashionable, on trend yet young feel to it whilst keeping the chic essence with the Silver Jewels on the collar. With pockets, it's perfect for carrying around your lip balm, £20 note or just your phone. I love wearing this with some patterned trousers, smart shoes and a plain top or just all black and white shoes and silver jewellery. This is so versatile, any of us ladies could rock this one. 

Now for you more daring fashionistas, Zara have a great collection of Bright Jackets which can spice up any outfit. Perfect for a date or a bit more of an edgy business meeting / job interview. With my Cropped Yellow Back Pleated Collared Jacket, it's cut is so sharp it makes your shoulders look more sharp, you seem more confident and just look damn right smart and ready for the day ahead. 

For a more Formal, Fancy and Fun option, I love this Coral Above Knee Length Pleated Back Tailored Jacket. I got this for my birthday, and as soon as I tried it on I was walking around the house in it with my pj's underneath because it quite literally makes you feel so rich, intelligent and effin good. Pair this with a black jumpsuit and a classy, minimal black heel and you'll be lookin' a million dollars. Or just with some black coated or leather jeans, black tee and statement necklace (which Zara have a great range from too) you'll be off to a winner. 

Are you a fellow Zara lover like me?