Now I'm not sure about you but I'm not a gal that can rock a bold lip. So when Chubby Sticks first got launched and everyone was ranting and raving about them, I was all over them. Since they come in all different colours, matte, sheer, glossy, satin etc. You name it, there's probably a Chubby Stick out there for it. But are they just a phase? Or are they a 'the new(ish) thing to the lip world'? 

When I was clearing out my draws recently, I noticed how many Chubby Sticks I really do have. Ranging from Clinique Chubby Lips to Bourjois Colour Boost, to Revlon Just Bitten Kissable  to Rimmel Colour Rush to all kinds of weird dupes but I noticed how little I genuinly wear them. I've got lots of deep pink colours and hardly any nudes which is weird since I can't physically don a pink lip to save my life, oh the pain. I just found that the classic Benefit Lip & Cheeks Tints (like Posietint, Benetint, Chachatint... you know, those ones) just seem to come out ontop. 

Unless I'm just totally not feeling the Chubby Stick thang, I just found them to be neither here nor there. They can be glossy, but then they wont last. But at the same time they can be dabbed in to create a matte stain (which is my personal fave but dries your lips out like no tomorrow... oops). Or they are like a tinted lip balm, or a lipstick or a lipgloss etc. I guess to some of you makeup junkies out there, you love it but for me personally it doesn't quite cut it. 

You're probably sat there thinkin', "okay Brook I get ya but where are you going with this?" Well, I'm posting this to see if you ladies have any thoughts on the whole chubby stick thang, or if you have any kick ass suggestions for a lipstick (preferably matte and nude) for me to try? I'm on the hunt for my perfect matte nude and no success as of yet, so gimme a hand? Hashtag, beg-ing 'el. 

I'll look forward to hearing your suggestions x