So, ladies. Planning on getting those nails filed, primed and polished, Maybelline are kicking ass with their new-ish range of Superstay Gel Nail Colour 7 Days Range. The colour I've opted for is Divine Wine which is a gorgeous rich red, not too 'hey sexy can I' but a more sophisticated 'ooh hello' type red. Ya feel me? 

I've always been a huge lover of red nail varnish since I was younger. Lusting over the older gals from my school on Bebo as they rock their red nails and foundation lips, oh the 00s. But now, with good ole Amelia Liana having my back and recommending a kick ass nail range with a formula to give OPI and Nails Inc a running for its money for pounds less... That's definitely something I'm into. 

With a couple of coats on perfectly trimmed, filed and smooth nails - this baby will be lasting you a good 4 days to a week. I had this on my tootsies for about 10 / 11 days with just a few chips, and that's coming from Miss Bridget Jones over here. Yep you head me. 

At £4.49 in your local Boots aisle, you can't really go wrong. With a range of all different shades, it goes without saying that I'll deffo be building up my nail collection with these. Sold.

Have you tried the Maybelline Superstay Gel Nail Colours?