Feelin' uber creative and fancy getting your DIY on? Well I recently stumbled across an awesome website called I SPY DIY which lemme tell ya, is a basically how-to little corner of the internet which is basically a more in-depth and more kick ass version of Pintrest. What more could us ladies want? This ain't somewhere you can have a flick through and drift off to sleep, it's definitely got the same sorta ode to it as Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS because it makes you feel so inspired, so much so Miss Bridget Jones over here didn't even doubt herself. Uh huh. 

Whilst scrolling through, I came across loads of fab ideas such as this Confetti Art Frame whereby you literally get some silver and pink card / paper / post its, anything. Grab a hole punch and a pritt stick and you're off to a winner. It's great for you low budget, home junkies who like to add a little za za zoom into those little corners of your bedroom. 

Next up if for you fellow jar lovers or partiers, yep you heard me. You, party animal, yep you over there - we finally have a use for those Recycled Bottles which will save you a trip to the bottle bank. Get your paint or spray can at the ready, fingers ready to surf the net for your favourite cheap fake flowers, whack that on your desk and you've got the perfect instagram moment. Winner. 

Now chairs, chairs, chairs. Here's where my entrepreneurial, ikea addict, #GIRLBOSS kicked in and I knew that I really was getting my DIY on when I got into the idea of actually spray painting real wood and real chairs. For me that's a biggie, but bare with me. As you'll see at the top and bottom left of the little collage above ya, there's some pretty kick ass Painted Chairs and to me this is a bit of an ebay job. As we speak, I currently have enough chairs saved into my reading list to fill all of Pizza Express's restaurants including back ups. With chairs, paint and spray paint at hand we'll be making a mint if we resell them on ebay or simply a few 'wow's from family members thinking you're the new graphic designer. 

Last, but certainly not least, probably the easiest too is this 'pimp my light wire' addition to the mix aka Colourblock Cage Light. Grab a lightbulb on a bulky wire, a cheap light cage and some plastic string. Secure the light cage, wrap the string around the wire and tie... gorgeous. Goodbye boring light, hello awesome one. Genius. 

Have you got any awesome DIY sites, projects or tips to share?