So, ladies we have all experienced the mid-day oily face frustration... right? Being 'gifted' with acne prone, combination skin it's pretty hard for me to find a makeup fix that is perfect for me. I always have to go for the high coverage foundations, pack it in and cover it up otherwise my spots will combine my face into a big fat cherry. Noone wants that do they? So recently I've been on a hunt for a good kick ass powder that will lock all that foundation, concealer and primer goodness in to create one big matte face to last me all day. In my time (hashtag nanna phrase) I've tried my fair share of powders from all corners of the drugstore but these two seem to be my top ones, but what is my overall favourite ever powder?

My more recent try is Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot Translucent Powder. It rewards a light coverage to combat all things shining, creasing and lookin' greasy. I know a lot of people dig this product, and I can safely say I do too. It's a great addition to your bag for those long days ahead as good ole Soap and Glory have got you covered once again, as always their products rock.

Now although I'm a huge fan of Soap and Glory's offering, I'm a huge lover of Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. Being introduced to this by the gorgeous Tanya Burr, is one of the best days ever. I've always wanted to lock in my foundation and concealer and all the rest for long days, and still mattify, but not look cakey. Yep you heard me ladies and gents it's a goodie. Hats off to Rimmel and Tanya for bagging me a bargain (AKA. £3.99 opposed to a tenner odd for Soap and Glory's). I'm probably on my 20th powder of this as I use it every single day. Love!!!!!!!!!!

All powdered up and got the low down, let me know your favourite powder too. Cya.