Guess what time of the month it is? Oh no, not that time of the month (ladies...), but monthly favorites time! Can I hear a hip hip horray? I've got a right ole mixture going on here. As you may see, not too much makeup going on, but more application and sortin' out that hair, face and taste buds...

First on my list for August is my White Russell and Bromley Loafers. Now if you're a regular to this little corner of the internet, or keep up to date with my social media you'll know how in love I am with these. They're a perfect style piece and bring together any outfit. Having big feet (did someone say UK 9.5?) it's always been a struggle for me. Although it's reassuring to know that Paris Hilton has size US 13 feet so it is cool, kinda, I guess... 

Another recent 'Style' addition is my hair. Yes, that sounds kinda weird but I've really been mixing it up and took the plunge of getting rid of those long straggly locks for a healthier version in the style of a long bob. I'm aware I have chubby cheeks and I'm aware that I'm a lover of whacking my hair up in a ponytail and being done with it. But there's something about a Long Bob which just seemed like a cool idea. Along with a new hairstyle comes new products - that's what she said. My favourite hair combo of the moment is Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer and The Wet Brush. All you ladies who have dead ends, or mega fine hair that most certainly doesn't give you that easy 'I woke up like dis' look, The Wet Brush is your answer (rumour has it that it's even better than the classic, holy grail Tangle Teaser - yeah you heard me). Match that with Bumble and Bumble's Primer and you're off to an easy time after the bath for the first time in a long time. Miracle. 

Next up is my, quite literal, cleansing revolution. I've always been a lazy face wipe girl (yep, I did the dead...) but since my skin has been breaking out like someone off prison break I knew I needed to get my ass in gear and sort out my skincare routine. Big time. With a Clarisonic on it's way, prescription spot tablets on hand and an endless supply of Cetaphil (recommended by my doctor, review on it's way soon... *did someone say sneakpeak*) I think I've got it covered. But when it comes to removing makeup Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water is an absoloute don. It's quite literally like water and removes makeup like an angel. Goodbye post 'cleansing' panda eyes in the morning, Ggarnier's panda-napped 'em... (Just a heads up too, the Large Rectangular Cotton Pads are awesome too - sold at the baby section of Boots!) 

Now we're all cleansed, there's nothing better than putting on an even, flawless face of makeup first thing to make us look, feel and model like P Diddy. I've recently fell back in love with the Real Techniques Buffing Brush (you can tell mine is well loved, oops). It's so great at giving an even, flawless and quick spread of foundation. I see my makeup not creasing or clinging to dry areas as much since I've been using this and I've not been needing as much concealer as normally either. Bingo! 

Another little pamper treat is heavily influenced by the fabulous Amelia Liana. The Maybelline Super Stay Nail Varnishes are awesome. They give almost a gel mani / pedi look to your nails, last for days (I had mine on my tootsies for two & a half weeks with one chip... that's coming from Bridget Jones over here). The colour range is awesome, just wish they had a colour more similar to Rimmel's Oh Mr Darcy or Nails Inc's Porchester Square. Love it. My last, but most certainly not least favourite (that Amelia AKA all things chocolate lover would also be digging...) is Green and Black's White Chocolate. Now this baby isn't a whole bar job, more of a line job. It's quite rich and sickly, but by far a favourite and one to add to the cheat day shopping list. Enough said. 

Let me know your favourites from the month of August!