We all know the struggle of having flat hair on a night out, or getting out the bath and spending 23407235723 hours trying to brush through those badass knots. Yep, the dreaded post-bath hair brush. Well I've finally found the perfect combination to have you short hair, fine hair and all things knotty hair'ed girls all kitted up with everything you'll need to get through those knots. Fear not, I've got you covered. 

First off you've gotta have smooth, soft hair to kick off a good hairbrush sesh. You can't be adding those texturising elements just yet if you wanna be knot free. My recent find, and holy grail is of course Bumble and Bumble's Hairdressers Invisible Oil Primer. It does everything from smoothes, heat and UV protests, helps you brush through, brightens, healthifies (is that even a word? You know what I mean... maybe). And let's be honest, Bumble and Bumble rock. Even the packaging is awesome. Need I say more? 

Combine this with the good ole trusty Wet Brush and you'll be good to go. Even without the primer, The Wet Brush is a revolution to anyone's haircare routine, haircare holy grail alert. I don't know what this does, but it just glides through those knots that none of us gals like. The matted ball type, yep. No more battling and endless knots. I would definitely go as far to say that this is better than the beloved Tangle Teaser, it is the bomb dot com. 

Now we're all brushed, dried and prepped with all your texturising sprays, mousses and serums galore, us short haired (AKA. Long Bob) gals need to get a few curls whacked in there. My choice is the Tresemme Salon Professional Volume Hair Wand. This is awesome. It makes curling your hair so easy, I could probably do this hungover, half asleep or slightly tipsy let's say. It's so easy. Your nan, your niece and your sister could probably do this. Even Bob next door. Since there's no 'clamp' or 'clip' (whatever you call it) fixed on, which means it's as easy as just grabbing a section of hair, wrapping it around, holding it for about 10 seconds and you're sorted. A bit of hairspray and you're good to go. It also has different settings, 1 being for shorter, finer hair (that's where you'll be at gal), and going up to 2 and 3 for when your hair gets thicker and longer. Sorted. 

What are your haircare essentials?