So now we're on our last legs of summer in England, there's nothing better than topping up that tan. Over the summer, I've not been able to get away (boo) but I've really been testing out those fake tans and let me just say... Sienna has got it covered. I'm a complete Fake Tan noob, from getting 'whiteys' on my fingers, orange knees and elbows and the odd oompa loompa phase here and there. But ever since I've been using Sienna that hasn't happened.

Sienna are cracking the market when it coms to tanning, and I can see why. With them stocking up the beauty salons around the UK, offering Sienna Spray Tans (ur... hello) they must have the formula spot on... right?

Now, if you're one for a natural, more 'muddy' than yellow toned / orange toned tan, this one is for you. It's so natural, and tinted which makes it so much easier to apply. When Fake Tans stay streakfree, it's hard to believe but Sienna's tan is definitely streak free. When it comes to application, it can be streaky if you apply too much, but work quickly with it and you're off to a winner.

My secret is to apply it using Disposable Rubber Gloves. Having parents which own a cleaning company, it's not a problem to track them down. But I can imagine they're pretty easy to get, and great for you cleaning freaks out there too. Goodbye yucky mitts! When it comes to distributing the product evenly, I tend to use: -

  • 5 pumps on each leg
  • 3 pumps on my chest
  • 2 pumps on my stomach 
  • 3 pumps on each arm & hand
All in all, I would highly recommend this tan if you're one for a natural, streak-free and easy application tan. The tan lasts about 3 days (given that you bath everyday, not too sure if you're a shower gal but I'm suspecting it'll last a day or two more!) So click onto your amazon and order it pronto, it's a winner. 

What's your favourite fake tan?