Things have been getting pretty hectic lately and it's kinda been a little overwhelming for me. With work tasks coming out my ears and my phone always ringing and constant updates I thought I'd put a little post together to have a little self detox and keep you all updated on the low down... 

1. Ugg Slippers - Yep you heard me. Kinda might have just popped £80.00 on a pair of Ugg Slippers, yep slippers. But let me tell you ladies (and gents, cos these are from the gents section because of my flipper feet... shh secret) they are the comfiest thing ever. It's all well and good having nice shoes but when you work from home there's nothing better than a good ole pair of slippers? eh. Well that's my excuse, say hello to the new complete slipper convert. 

2. Decorating My Room - About a month or so ago, me and my parents got all the living room, kitchen, utility, hallway / stairways and of course my bedroom painted. I'd not long ago had it painted, but the colour wasn't mixed right before. I went for a so called 'duck egg blue' but it turned out to be a really over bright, 'toilet' type blue, ya know what I'm sayin'? But I opted for a Mustard Yellow and Grey and let's just say it was the best decision ever. So cosy, so chic and so much more 'grown up' which was my main aim. Love love love. 

3. I've Got Into Reading, Say Wha? At school I was always one of those kids who nattered away, whipped out my phone or made any possible excuse in the book to skip library or reading homework. I was pretty well behaved at school don't get me wrong but reading was a huge no no. But since a fab recommendation (as always) from the gorgeous Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup I thought I'd order Sophia Amoruso - #GIRLBOSS on amazon and give it a go. Since I'm on my computer 247 and I'm just a complete youtube, TV, movie junkie I've never really got into books. And since I'm on the computer all the time, and just constantly stressed with work etc. I thought I ended something to just have a cool down and reading really is just that. I love the fact that you can sit back and read a little paragraph or two, whack on a bit of good ole John Legend / Ed Sheeran and just be ultra chill. Can't beat it. Next on my list is Tina Fey - Bossypants (another Anna recommendation, gal you're a babe). 

4. A New Twitter Account - Now I'm a huge twitter junkie, and I've always loved having a good ole tweet now and again. But I've never had a twitter account really well and truly for beauty chat, and promoting my little corner of the internet that you're on right now. It sucks ass really, since it takes no time and I just love it. So, I'm pretty darn eager to form a little beauty community with little beauty / fashion / lifestyle / food / all girly type thing where we can all have a little catch up - so go and follow me on @brookdellar and join our lil #bdgang

5. The Driving Situation - Living in a village and being a true city gal at heart, there's nothing worse than having to wait every hour for a bus which takes 3 x the amount of time to get into town than when I could drive. So when I turned 17, the first thing I did was book a lesson and my theory. My birthday was only in July (16th / 1997 FYI) and my parents surprised me with a White Golf GTD 1.9 Litre 500 Brake... Yep I've gotta admit it's still not sinked in yet and I'm pretty darn happy with it. Not gonna lie. All in all, my driving lessons are going pretty well considering I only started about 2 months ago. But I'm pretty much nearly ready to go, just little things like pulling away, checking mirrors and roundabouts (oh don't even get me started with them...) I'm not too great at, let's say. But my test in November and I honestly cannot wait. Simply for work reasons, and just the freedom of being able to do stuff and see friends and that just sounds perfect. My excitement levels are through the roof, can ya tell? 

6. Clothes Experimenting - Recently I've really been experimenting with clothes, I even bagged myself a pair of leather skinnies, yeh. Let's say I haven't properly worn them out yet though - *wimp*. and when I say experimenting I don't mean properly extending from the aisles of Zara, I mean just branching out with different combos. Now it's coming to winter and I've got a new haircut (read below) I really wanna change up my style a little bit as I'm getting a bit tired of the bog standard 'nice top, skinnies and whatever shoes I can find' type outfit. Any recommendations of shops that are kicking ass with their stock atm, lemme know. 

7. Falling In Love With The Beach - Like I said previously with the whole book situation, I've really been stressing out recently. Everything just seems to have been going a little bit mental and I've been getting really bad headaches, lack of sleep and all round drowsiness AKA. so tired I just wanna snuggle up in bed 247. So I've really been wanting to have a bit of me time and chill at the beach. Having 3 dogs and no UK driving license proves that to be a little bit of a challenge but you can't quite beat a good day at the beach. It's honestly the most relaxing thing and I can't quite beat it, hello beaches avec my driving license. Who's in?

8. I Kinda Got A Haircut... Well, I'm a bit late to the game with this one. I've wanted to have a bit of a trim for a longtime. I've been suffering with a lot of dead ends, and straggly / 'over grown' hair that I've been purposely growing for a long time but you can't quite beat a good cut and it's honestly one of the bestest decisions I've made. It looks great curly, straight or up, so much easier to maintain, easier to style (especially drying it... soooooooo much quicker - amen). The only thing that is annoying me is that I can't have it up in a good ole 'proper' ponytail but at the end of the day, a gals gotta do what a gals gotta do.

9. Work, Work, Work - Last off, work has been a bit manic really. If you all don't know what I do for a 'living' (let's say), I work full time for my parents company (Dellar The Cleaning Company) as a Sales & Marketing Manager, Shareholder and 'a bit of this and that' kinda gal. I also run my own Web and Graphic Design Company called Exquisite Design which I love, love, love. Alongside running this, as a major commitment type hobby. But recently I've really been looking for a bit of low down time and a holiday. So let's look forward to a few lifestyle posts hopefully coming soon from abroad ladies and gents. It's all about work hard, play hard... right? 

Busy Busy Busy. What have you been up to recently?