We all know who Zoella is, and well quite frankly ain't she a babe? I'm a huge lover of all her recommendations and I just love how happy and bubbly she always is, let alone how gorgeous her makeup and everything is. She's basically the older sis I never had and quite frankly probably never will. So being a firm lover of her videos alongside most of you folks reading this, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the products that I've brought with heavy influence from Miss Sugg. 

First off, that Rose Gold baby you see at the top of this picture. Yep, you heard me ladies - brushes with Rose Gold Hardware? It quite literally had me at hello. I knew I had to have them, and after Zoella's post on her blog about them that was it. Heavy influence from the gorgeous Lily Pebbles and Hello October too though of course. But let me just tell you, the brushes from the Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Collection are to die for. The quality is amazing, they wash so well, feel so soft and just look freaking awesome too. You can't really win can you. There's also a cheeky Mac 217 Brush dupe in there too, bingo. 

Sticking to the makeup route is Bourjois Colour Boost Stick in Peach on the Beach. Now I'm not gifted with being able to rock a bold lip, or any colour other than a Benefit Posetint type pink but I really really like this. It's so easy to apply, it can be washed on for an almost lip gloss effect and it can be dabbed in for a really cool coral-y orange-y stain. Can't really go wrong! I've also tried the pink colour from the range too, and it's really good as well. Pair this with good ole Mac Woodwinked Eyeshadow and you'll be off to a winner. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Next up - skincare. Now we all get spots, so be it. I get mine so bad so that I'm actually on some pretty awesome little tablets to get rid of them. Although it's always reassuring to know that other gals get them, even Zoella ladies. So a couple of recommendations she's given out are Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask and Origins Super Spot Treatment. They're both great at making spots just that little bit more manageable, one more fun to use and the other a little less so. Let's kick off with the fun one, Sanctuary's Mask... Of course. I love love love this and it's bloody awesome. I've always loved Thermal Masks, particularly Soap & Glory's serving. But this is more of a thick paste, and it heats up so well and it's so much quicker. I have noticed my skin is a lot calmer and manageable, with blackheads & pores around my nose minimised and just my skin feels freaking clean and smooth. Can't loose really. 

Now the Origins Super Spot Treatment. This is one to make you pull a 'sour lemon' face, yeah. It's hardcore and it means business, it's size is quite easy to loose which sucks but less is most definitely more in this case. Just take the tiniest bit and dab it on those big zits that are jumping out of your face, yep charming. It'll just draw them out and make them more manageable and just speed up that painful process of waiting for them to be at the squeezing point. *yuck*, it's gross I know ladies but we've all been there... 

So as expected, Zoella hit the spot once again. She's a babe. Love. 

Have you tried any of Zoella's recommendations?